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99 +grade meltblown cloth

99 +grade meltblown cloth

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99 + grade meltblown cloth with a width of 250mm / 255mm / 260mm  a weight of 50g.


Melt-blown non-woven fabric (oily 95 ↑ salty 99 ↑ filter efficiency)

The high-quality melt-blown fabrics produced by our company have passed CMA, CNAS, SGS, TUV professional certifications, which are different  the mixed melt-blown fabrics in the market. The products of our company are soft  delicate, with good air permeability, high filter efficiency, rich gaps, fluffy structure, good resistance to wrinkles, as well as unique ultrafine fibers with capillary structure to increase the number  surface area of fibers per unit area, so that the melt-blown fabrics have good filtration, shielding, heat insulation  oil absorption,  static electricity is  lost; the outgoing products are equipped with our company's special melt-blown fabric packaging to effectively prevent the loss of filtration efficiency during transportation  storage, with a shelf life as long as two years. Level-99 high-quality melt-blown fabrics can achieve high-standard 99 ↑ filter efficiency, BFE (bacterial filter efficiency) 99 ↑  PFE (particle filter efficiency) 99 ↑. For the testing of FFP2 masks, whether it is a European standard  an American standard, the US TSI-8130 Automated Filter Testers are specified. American standard N type uses NaCL method, R type uses DOP method,  European standard uses DOP method. TSI-8130 instrument uses NaCL method: the instrument can automatically generate salt particles,  the average diameter of the particles is 0.2µm (the aggregate average diameter is 0.26µm,  the arithmetic average diameter is 0.07µm). After setting, the instrument automatically prints the flow rate, resistance  transmittance through the sample at a certain flow rate. In the DOP method, DOP oil is used to generate particles; as for the diameter of the DOP oil particles, the aggregate average particle diameter is 0.33µm,  the counting average diameter is 0.20µm. In DOP particle test, our company's melt-blown fabrics achieve a 95-flow filter efficiency over 95, in NACL particle test, the 85-flow filter efficiency is over 95, which fully meets the EU FFP2 standard. To filter non-oily particulate matters  oily particulate matters, melt-blown fabrics of the European-standard FPP2  above grade shall be selected. The width of our company’s melt-blown fabrics ranges  175mm to 260mm. In addition, the gram weight per square meter can be customized,  samples can be sent free of charge.



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