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What type of mask is 95 meltblown cloth used on


What type of mask is 95 meltblown cloth used on?

Generally speaking, masks can be roughly divided into the following categories: Civil masks, disposable medical masks N95 masks.

What kind of mask is used for 95 meltblown cloth what kind of meltblown cloth is used for different masks?

1-gb18401 civil standard mask, this standard is only the general standard for textiles, the state does recognize this standard during the epidemic period. This kind of mask uses ordinary melt blown cloth without electrode. Generally, the BFE of 3-5 micron bacteria filtration can only reach 30-60% even lower. Some unscrupulous manufacturers spray the fiber dimension to 9-10 μ m even more than 20 μ m, some small melt blown cloth factories with a melting value of 35 Fiber material is used as melt blown material. The diameter of the fiber is at least 30 μ m the gap between fibers is 50-80 μ M. after lamination, the diameter of bacteria will be far exceeded. If the diameter of fiber is more than 10 μ m, there is basically no bacterial barrier. When using this kind of melt blown cloth with non electret fiber, pay attention to the risk!

2-0969 disposable medical standard mask uses bfe95 electret melt blown cloth. This mask is generally used for disposable medical mask, weighing 25g. The fiber generally needs to reach 2-4 micron fineness. It also needs to control the uniformity of wire spraying to control the pore size between the fibers. Only by adding electret masterbatch in the melt blown cloth doing equipment electret treatment can the 3-5 micron bacterial filtration reach 95% Other regular meltblown cloth production line plus electret treatment can achieve, but pay attention to the electret charge attenuation!

3-0469 medical surgical mask, 0469 grade meltblown cloth, the BFE of 3-5 micron bacteria filtration is generally above 99, the filtration requirement of 0.3 micron PFE particles is 30%. The fiber of this grade of melt blown cloth is finer, the requirements of electret masterbatch are better, the electret effect is also better, the electrostatic effect is better, the gram weight is generally 25-30g

3-19083 national medical protection standard mask, also known as N95 medical protective mask, is generally called N95 grade melt blown cloth. The BFE of this kind of cloth is generally 99.99% 100%, the filtration of 0.3 micron PFE particles is above 95. Moreover, there are also requirements for respiratory resistance. This kind of mask generally needs to use electret melt blown cloth with higher efficiency lower resistance, the gram weight generally reaches 50g There are many manufacturers who can reach N95 high efficiency low resistance in China. Some of them can't reach the standard after thickening!

4-2626 national standard labor protection respirator, which we often call kn95, generally uses kn95 grade melt blown cloth. The standard PFE particles are 0.7 μ m, the protection level is lower than N95. The melt blown cloth can reach bfe99 99.9 grade, then thickened to 35-45g. Generally, this requirement can be met. Cloth can only reach bfe95 level. It is recommended to use 45-50g to be more stable! If you can't buy a stable electret melt blown cloth, it is recommended to hit Kn90 grade under 2626 standard!

The 5-32610 civil standard mask has requirements for oily non oily particles, the particle filtering requirements are still higher than kn95. If the meltblown cloth with grade II 95 protection standard is to be used, 35-40g electret melt blown cloth is generally required, 45-50g melt blown cloth is used for poor electret!


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