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Equipment advantages of spunbonded melt blown nonwovens machinery manufacturers


Equipment advantages of spunbonded melt blown nonwovens machinery manufacturers

The main advantages of manual edge banding machine are firm, fast, light efficient,

1. In addition to purchasing good edge banding machines,

2. Attention should also be paid to edge banding, hot melt adhesive, substrate, working environment operation methods.

3. When selecting the edge band, we should pay attention to the width, thickness, material, toughness, surface treatment degree other elements.

4. Hot melt adhesive should pay attention to the difference between high, medium low temperature glue, match the type of edge banding.

5. It is also necessary to scientifically set the heating control temperature the fluidity solidification delay of sol.

6. The selection of base material also has the requirements of quality, temperature, parallelism perpendicularity of the section. The indoor temperature dust concentration of the working environment also need to be considered. The operation speed, pressure, balance consistency of the base material, edge banding belt rubber shaft will affect the edge sealing effect.

Equipment advantages of spunbonded melt blown nonwovens machinery manufacturers:

1. The mechanical / electrical components of most models are good products. Such as imported servo drive system, Italy original imported drill, Taiwan imported control system French Schneider electrical components.

2. Hat type automatic tool change system, tool magazine capacity of 8, tool change time is only 8 seconds.

3. Double column double drive transmission machine is a heavy cutting machine.

4. The adsorption table adopts piano bond matrix single zone double-layer adsorption table, which is easy to deform has strong adsorption capacity, which can save the time of upper lower boards.

5. High precision positioning cylinder adopts movable structure, which is convenient for customers to process large small plates alternately. The diameter of cylinder inner shaft is 20 mm, which can bear the impact force of large plate loading, the displacement is controlled at 0.02mm.

6. The processing speed can reach 25m / min.

7. Humanized design fixed forklift position, (easy loading handling, no hidden danger)

8. The limit switch adopts mechanical high-precision travel switch, which has sensitive response, high precision double safety function.

9. Manual oil pump, can better fully lubricate each slider nut seat.

10. Green fuselage represents safety health. Green has a sedative effect on the human nervous system, which is conducive to improving the working environment of the factory, thus improving the labor production efficiency of workers. Green also has the function of protecting eyesight. Workers spend most of their time in the factory facing the equipment, choosing green can help workers avoid visual fatigue in operation. (color can also be customized according to customer requirements).



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