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Steps for sampling inspection of activated carbon masks


Activated carbon masks need to be inspected continuously in the process of production, the common inspection method is sampling inspection. Sampling inspection is generally divided into three steps: sampling, inspection judgment.

Sampling is a very important link in the whole inspection of activated carbon masks. How much sample size should be taken, according to the total N of the tested activated carbon fiber masks, the level of quality p of activated carbon fiber masks, the purpose requirements of supervision, must be very clear. It is very important that the sample size lines are different according to different conditions.

Inspection is a technical activity of testing samples by using testing equipment in accordance with the testing methods procedures, including comparing the results obtained by testing with the standards pre-determined requirements to determine whether the samples are qualified whether they meet the requirements specified in advance.


The judgment is to determine the total N of the tested activated carbon masks according to the quality of the samples. But it is easy to infer, because there is only one result after testing.

In the inspection process of activated carbon respirator, there must be a general requirement, otherwise the whole operation cannot be carried out. At the same time, the results obtained by different inspection standards are different.


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