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Introduction of JCtimes Medical-grade Die Head Equipment



Ctimes Group has great influence in the global die head industry, with more than 60% market share in China. It is one of the top three industry leaders in the world  is committed to the R&D, production  technology application of flat die head  extrusion line supporting equipment. It has been committed for more than 20 years,  has the production practice data of 38000 sets of die heads, providing a powerful guarantee for the parallel connection of software  hardware. 

The melt-blown nonwoven fabric process uses high-speed hot air to draw the trickle of polymer melt extruded  the spinneret orifice of the die head, thereby forming ultra-fine fibers  condensing on the condensate screen  roller; its bonded on its own, the die head is the most critical part of the melt-blown equipment. The uniformity of products is closely related to the die head, so the company chose JCtimes medical-grade die head.





Technical Characteristics:

According to the different characteristics of raw materials (viscosity, temperature, speed), the best runner of the coat hanger is designed,  the melt is more evenly distributed.


Polishing finish of mold cavity 0.01um-0.03um

A special hot air flow heating device is adopted, which has good heating efficiency  heat exchange efficiency, as well as low energy consumption.

The unique structure design of air duct ensures stable air pressure, symmetrical airflow on both sides,  even airflow in width direction. The air gap width is adjustable in real time, which is convenient for adjustment.

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