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Detector GB-KF30010




It is used to test the filtration efficiency of daily protective masks  medical masks for particulate matters,  to measure the obstruction performance of ordinary fabrics  medical protective masks against the airflow at constant flow. It is applicable to medical device inspection centers, safety protection inspection centers, labor protection inspection centers, drug inspection centers, disease prevention  control centers, textile testing centers, hospitals, mask manufacturing enterprises, etc., suitable for ⑴ glass fiber filter material ⑵ PP filter material ⑶ coating.


It is designed  manufactured according to YY0469-2004 Technical requirements for surgical mask  GB2626-2006 Respiratory Protective Equipment Non-powered Air-purifying Particle Respirator. At the same time, it also refers to the advanced design concepts of similar international equipment (such as TSI Company, USA), based on the principle of European Standard EN1822-3: 1998 Single-sheet filter material test, but it is suitable for the test status of related domestic industries.

Standards compliant


GB24539-2009、YY0469-2011 、YYT0969-2013


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